Thursday, 2 June 2016


On Thursday I was so excited because some students get to take their chromebook home. It was very nice seeing some students so happy. When the bell rang we get to have a snack which was chocolate fish also a fruit stick. Some parents came after school. My favourite part was when I get to show my work to my parents. It was so fun! I had to introduce my parents to Mrs Grant and Mrs Yayleen. I showed my mum my blog, class site,class blog. I also did a survey with my mum. Some parents get to have some food off the table.

When I first got my chromebook I did not know how to use it. Also I did not know about a blog, class site, class blog and kiwi kids news. But the next day I started liking going on all those things.

Thanks to Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Grant and Yayleen.

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  1. Kuini, you did a fabulous job of showing your mum what you have been creating on your Chromebook. Well done!


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